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Being located in New York, one of the most international cities in the world, our vision is decidedly international. As an American company, we benefit from having our main place of business in what remains, despite the current crisis, the biggest market and the most advanced economy in the world.  
We are first and foremost a trade show marketing company, helping trade show organizers from Europe and Asia to market their events to North American (American and Canadian) companies interested in exhibiting at trade shows overseas and/or attending international, mostly European, trade shows. . 
 We specialize in the marketing and promotion of trade shows, we market and organize trade events, and we also help individual companies find their way through the maze of the American market, which can be seen as daunting and at times intimidating for newcomers. Our principals have been in business for many years and our expertise and market knowledge lie in industries as diverse as apparel and fashion, eyewear and optics, home décor and house furnishings, pool and spas, cosmetics and beauty products, hotel equipment, bakery products & equipment, wine & wine making equipment, auto parts, aerospace, land defense & military equipment.  
You will see us at trade shows in the USA and around the world. Or you can make contact directly with us. Tell us about your needs. We may be able to help!

Philippe H. Bazin


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